ZilZil Proxy Unlock Internet Everywhere

Create a proxy websites listing site easy and fast. ZilZil Proxy Listing Script is the most cheapest and economical proxy website listing script you can find out. We sell the basic script at a very low rate of $19.99. We made some add on Modules to work with ZilZil Proxy Listing Script, you may purchase modules separately according to your needs. Buy required modules only, so that you dont have to waste your valuable money.

Modules Gallery

Modules can take your ZilZil Proxy Basic Script to another level. Here you can find many modules for you to download and make your Proxy Listing site more powerful, beautiful and secure.

SP Module

  • SP = Selected Proxy module
  • Sell top space for Ads
  • Make easy Money from your site
  • Set Advertisement Plans
  • Add/Edit/Delete SP sites in Admin panel
$ 8.99

Category Module

  • Custom Category for proxy submission
  • Proxy site will show choosen Category
  • New Category colum in Home page
  • New Categories box in Submit page
  • Add/Edit/Delete Categories in Admin
$ 5.99

Tags Module

  • Custom Tags for proxy submission
  • New Tags cloud in Footer
  • Set multiple colors and size for Tags
  • New Tags box in Submit page
  • Add/Edit/Delete Tags in Admin panel
$ 5.99

Adsense Module

  • Easily add/edit any Advertisements
  • Enable or Disable any time quickly
  • Option to show ads at top and bottom
  • Can enter any HTML code
  • Manage Adsense settings in Admin
$ 6.99

Backlink Module

  • Backlink is required to submit proxy site
  • Set Backlink text
  • Set Backlink verifying text
  • New Backlink box in Submit page
  • Manage the module in Admin panel
$ 6.99

Block Domains

  • Block certain Domain extensions
  • Prevent free domain sites easily
  • Another way to controll spam sites
  • Easily block domains like co.cc, tk etc
  • Manage Domain extensions in Admin
$ 5.99

Captcha Module

  • Make Captcha verification for submission
  • Audio button to read Captcha letters
  • Set Captcha color, background color etc
  • New Captcha image area in Submit page
  • Many settings to customize in Admin
$ 6.99

Redirect Module

  • Clicking on proxy site opens new page
  • Show Ads before redirecting to proxy site
  • Set the time to show Ads
  • After the time, proxy site opens
  • Edit redirect page conent in Admin
$ 4.99

Pagination Module

  • Create pagination of all submited sites
  • Visitors can browse all proxy sites
  • Choose pagination style
  • New pagination numbers at bottom of list
  • Manage pagination settings in Admin
$ 4.99

Menu Bar Module

  • Create a Menu Bar at the top
  • Menu Bar can have upto 4 colums
  • List top proxies, recent proxies etc
  • Can show Ads in any colum
  • Manage Menu Bar settings in Admin
$ 5.99