ZilZil Proxy Unlock Internet Everywhere

Create a proxy websites listing site easy and fast. ZilZil Proxy Listing Script is the most cheapest and economical proxy website listing script you can find out. We sell the basic script at a very low rate of $29.99. We made some add on Modules to work with ZilZil Proxy Listing Script, you may purchase modules separately according to your needs. Buy required modules only, so that you dont have to waste your valuable money.

New Modules

  • Captcha: Captcha Image word verification to prevent spam proxy sites

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  • Menu Bar: Add a special menu bar at the top of your site

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  • Block Domains: Block certain domain extentions to prevent spam

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  • Redirect Waiting: Set some seconds before the proxy site opens, where you can show ads.

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Buy ZilZil Proxy Listing Script

ZilZil Proxy Sites Listing Script is a proxy sites listing script developed in PHP by ZilZil Team. Go to www.ZilZilProxy.com/Demo for Demo.

ZilZil Proxy Sites Listing setup is easy as 1,2,3.
1. Buy the Basic Script, which cost a very low rate of $29.99.

2. Buy required Modules, only if you need any. Basic Script itself contains everything u need to begin.

3. Download custom themes, only if you need any. Basic Script itself contains default themes.


+ You will be the boss of the site with an Admin panel.
+ Fully Search Engine Optimized.
+ Proxy site owners can Submit their site in your site.
+ Submitted proxy site will be approved and added automatically.
+ All submitted proxy sites will be listed in Home page.
+ Shows the age of proxy sites in an user friendly style.
+ Shows the number of clicks proxy sites receiving accurately.
+ Standard format automatic RSS Feed as XML file.
+ Standard format automatic Sitemap as XML file.
+ Autmatically creates a "more info" page for each proxy site.
+ Change theme in admin panel easily.
+ Add / Edit / Delete proxy sites in admin panel very easily.
+ User friendly Admin panel with all required settings.
+ Login to Admin panel with just a password, no username. It's fast.
+ Change password in Admin panel anytime.
+ Themes gallery with updated themes.
+ Script supports add on Modules, created by Team ZilZil.

Server Requirements
+ MySQL Database
+ .htaccess redirect (optional)


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